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Policies and Procedures

Pet Care

Daily visits are required- No every other day visits
The professional industry standard is that there is at least one visit within a 24 hour period for all pet sitting clients. All DeTails encourages there to be at least two visits per day when pet sitting. Some pets require more care and some less but lightbulbs on tanks can go out, cats can accidentally chew a wire or a pipe could burst and we want to be sure we are there to take care of any situations that may cause a problem.
No ‘ignore the cat, fish, chickens, etc.’ or similar requests
We charge by time, not by pet. As pet-care professionals, All DeTails cannot and will not, in good conscience, ignore additional pets in the household needing care.
Outdoor Pet(s)

All DeTails is not responsible for any outdoor pets including cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits or others that may have free roam of the outdoors. The Pet Sitter is unable to provide full care and safety of these pets and therefore, All DeTails requires all pets to be kept in safe and reliable housing for the duration of the Pet sit.

No shared visits

All DeTails does not permit sharing of pet care responsibilities with any other parties.

PLEASE NOTE: If anyone else has access to your home while the pet-sitting job is being performed, we, All DeTails, can assume no liability for any damages or losses to your home or pet as per our insurance policy.

The utmost of care will be given in watching both your pet(s) and your home. However, due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, we cannot accept responsibility for any mishaps of an extraordinary or unusual nature (i.e., biting’s, furniture damage, accidental death, etc.) or any complications in administering medications to the animal. Nor can we be liable for injury, disappearance, death or fines of pet(s) with access to the outdoors.

No ‘set in stone’ times for pet sitting
We believe in being flexible for our clients and offer morning, afternoon and evening drop in visits within time ranges, including our overnight services. We will however make allowances for pets that require medications at specific times or have specific medical needs, but we will discuss at our meeting to be sure we can provide that time slot.
Payment policies, Late/non-payment
We accept cash, cheque or e-transfer. Payment is due immediately upon booking a pet sit. You may wish to pay half of the total as a deposit and the other half when you return. Invoices are sent to regular dog walking clients on a bi-weekly basis and are to be paid in full before our next walk.
Cancellation and Refunds
All DeTails requires immediate notice of cancellation and will provide a full refund if notice is given 2 weeks in advance to pet sitting contract. If one weeks notice is given, half the deposit is returned in the form of e-transfer. Less than 48 hours notice given, there will be a credit put on client account to be used within 6 months for same or another service. In the event that the cancellation is out of the clients control due to travel restrictions, full refund is given.
Key management
All DeTails takes key holding seriously and all keys are locked in a safe and in holding at All DeTails premises until needed. There are no copies made, and no identifiers. All keys are returned in person at the request of the client and the end of pet sitting.

Health and Safety

Extreme Weather
In the event of inclement weather, natural disaster or circumstances beyond our control, the Pet Sitter is entrusted to use the best judgment in caring for pet(s) and home. Pet Sitter/All DeTails will be held harmless for consequences related to such decisions.
Vaccinations. Flea treatments, Ill pets
Cats and dogs are to be currently vaccinated and be on a flea and tick treatment plan. If they are not however it is the sole responsibility of the Client to inform the Pet Sitter prior to services commencing. If a pet becomes sick or ill prior to services, it is the clients responsibility to let the Pet Sitter know before arriving. We want to ensure we keep everyone’s households safe and healthy.
In the event of a personal emergency or illness of the Pet Sitter, Client authorizes All DeTails to arrange for another qualified person to fulfill responsibilities as set forth in the contract. In such case, All DeTails will remain fully responsible for the proper discharge of all services under this Agreement. Every attempt will be made to notify the client regarding such situation. All DeTails may also at the wish of the client, use their emergency back up.

Policies and Procedures may be updated at any time and agreements may need to be signed again at All DeTails request. We will do our best to inform clients of any changes. Formal agreements with more detail are signed by client and All DeTails/Pet Sitter at the time of booking after a meet and greet.